Thursday, December 18, 2008

The City of Ember 1st Meeting

In our first meeting we decided to read the first 10 chapters of the book over the Christmas holidays. Pay attention to “The Instructions” before chapter one in the book. Keep remembering them as you read the book, and re-read them when you finish. As you read, remember to think about the discussion questions so that we can discuss your thoughts regarding the book. Feel free to leave comments here with your thoughts and opinions of the book! Don't forget to check out the cool links that I uploaded to the Books and Reading tab of our AC New MS Library Webpage!

Questions to think about:
1. Who do you think built Ember and why?
2. When does the book happen?
3. Why did Doon want to trade jobs?
4. Why was Lina so happy to trade with him?
5. How does Lina's new job really suit her?
6. Describe the characters from the first few chapters.
7. Describe the jobs the other kids get.
8. What would you want to do, if you lived in Ember?

Our next meeting will be January 15th at 7:30 in the library!
Have a safe and happy holiday!!

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