Friday, October 15, 2010


Our current read for book club is Bram Stoker's Dracula. In this book, Jonathan Harker has a job to do. The young lawyer must go to the mysterious country of Transylvania to work for a man he knows as "the Count." At first, Jonathan is excited by the chance to travel and meet new people. But after his arrival in Transylvania, he begins to wonder what's going on. People act strangely upon hearing he is going to visit the Count. When Jonathan arrives at the Count's dark, isolated castle, he too begins to feel afraid. Soon after meeting his host, Jonathan finds himself trapped in a horrifying nightmare. Only this nightmare is real, and he can't wake up...

Use the comments section below to offer your thoughts and impressions of this book. Remember to include things such as
1. What you think of the characters
2. Your impression of Stoker's writing style
3. Evaluation and discussion of literary elements such as plot, theme, and setting
4. Your predictions about what will happen in the book
5. What other books does Dracula remind you of (text-to-text connections)
6. Does this book remind you of anything in your life (text-to-self connections)
7. Do you like this book and would you recommend it to a friend?