Thursday, January 17, 2008

Starting the Blog with a Bang!

Hi. This is Mrs. Knight, and I am so excited to be starting this book club with you here at AC New Middle School. Thank you so much for joining and participating in the Knight's Book Club. I look forward to reading Eggs by Jerry Spinelli with y'all, and I even plan to read it aloud to my own kids.
Eggs by Jerry Spinelli
Eggs is a heart-warming story about friendship and sorrow. Nine-year-old David and thirteen-year-old Primrose forge the most unlikely union. Both have had a troubled past - David losing his mother in a freak accident and Primrose growing up without a father - find comfort in each other as they try to make sense of their lives. The bond between the two, albeit tumultuous at times, is strong and in the end proves to be the key to their healing.

Book Club Homework: Read Chapters 1-21 of Eggs
Next Meeting: October 30th at 7:45 in the library

Can you guess why I called my blog "Knight's Round Table"? First of all my last name is a homophone (Knight as in shining armor vs night as in after dark), so it is somewhat of a play on words. The round table reference is from King Arthur of Camelot who implemented a round table when discussing strategies with his knights. The knights were of noble birth and often had power struggles among themselves, so King Arthur designed a round table where each of them would have an equal say and there would be no "head" of the table. Since our book club is a forum to share our thoughts with one another in the same way, I chose this title. To read more about the legend of King Arthur's Round Table click the following links: