Monday, October 27, 2008

October 30th Eggs Discussion Starters

I hope you have enjoyed reading the first half of Eggs. Below you will find several discussion starters for our book club meeting which were taken from the official Eggs discussion guide published by Little, Brown and Company. Read through the questions, and share your thoughts and opinions by posting a comment below.

1. David lost his mother and was living unhappily with his grandmother. "No one, not grandmothers, not anyone, could touch him. His mother's death had made him invincible." (p.24) What do you think this statement means? Why do you think David followed all rules except his grandmother's?
2. David and Primrose have what one might call a love-hate relationship. Why do you think this is? Cite examples from the book of times when they seemed to love each other and those times when they were at each other's throats. Can you think of anyone you might have a love-hate relationship with?
3. Refrigerator John explains how David and Primrose can earn some money by catching nightcrawlers. Refrigerator John offers them twenty cents apiece. "A quarter apiece, said the girl, always turning the screw." (p.90) What does the author mean by this? How is it indicative of Primrose's personality?
4. What are some adjectives to describe David and his personality? What are some adjectives to describe Primrose and her personality? How are the two characters alike? How are they different?
Our next meeting will be on November 13th at 7:45 am. We will discuss and blog about the remainder of the book, and we will also vote on the next book we read. Since zero period is short, and we have much to discuss, please make every effort to be here and ready to begin at 7:45.


Parker Knight age 7 said...

I think David and Primrose are alike because they both do not like their guardians. They both are a little gripy and they both lost a parent.

They love each other when David braids Primrose's hair, but they hate each other when Primrose left David in the dark by himself.

I have a love-hate relationship with my little sister Maddy. I play with her, and I share my bed with her. I "h word" her when she kicks me out of my own bed.

Maddy Knight age 6 said...

I like the book because it is kind of happy and kind of sad. It is happy because David and Primrose like each other when Primrose made funny faces at David. David laughed a lot. I liked that part because it was happy. The sad part was that they both lost a mom or dad.

I think David is mad at his grandma because he wants his mom back. I think his grandma doesn't get mad at him because he already lost his mom and she doesn't want him to be more sad. My mom would not let me do that!

Stephanie Dumesnil said...

I have very mixed emotions abiout the book - I think it is funny how David and Primrose get along but am bothered by David's treatment of his grandmother.

This book reminds me not to take my anger and frustration out on other people. It is so easy to hurt others when we are hurt. We need to be aware of how we treat others when we are hurt.

Thanks students for giving such good comments during our meeting.

junior alfaro age 11 said...

I loved this book cause to madness to his own grandmother. Theis kids are like me and my sister when we are mad at each other.

Joshua Winn said...

This book is very good.David is always mad,but he keeps it in.Primrose gets mad and shows it.They both act like siblings.David doesn't like his grandmother because i think he doesnt spend time with his her.Primrose doesnt ever spend time with her mom and she has no idea where her dad is.So,this is basically the best book I have read yet!

malcolm garcia said...

I like the book especially when david found the girl with egg in her mouth.

Aylin Moreno said...

I say its pretty sad when David loses his mother,andI can relate to that,but instead the mother loses her son.

Mayra Torres said...

I think that they are very alike .Because both of them have lost one parent.They are just like brother and sister.

raythelwilliams said...

Raythel williams i like the book I thot it was men whte he did to his mom

Karina said...

I loved the book!So far ,I think that it has been so intresting. My favorite part is when D avid and Primrose met at the park.